What You Should Expect From A Preschool Center

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When your child starts preschool, it can be a difficult time, trusting someone else to look after your child’s wellbeing and ensure their safety while you’re not around. But just as it’s important for the parent to trust the childcare provider, it’s also as important that the providers feel supported by the parents in how they run their program. To avoid conflict or confusion, it’s important for both to understand what is expected of a preschool center.

Here is a list of 5 things that you can expect from a preschool center:

1. Safe & Clean Environment

At the top of our list is a safe and clean environment. Parents can expect the space they leave their children in is safe to play in, with age-appropriate and child-friendly toys and plenty of room to move around. There shouldn’t be any broken items lying around and the space should be organized. The preschool center should also be cleaned regularly and free of toxins that could harm your child.

Many parents are nervous about sending their children to preschool where they can pick up lots of germs and get sick. Although preschools can’t guarantee your child won’t get sick, they can do their best to make sure the facility and its toys are cleaned regularly.

2. Open Communication & Feedback

A preschool center should have complete transparency and open communication with parents about their children. Parents should always feel comfortable asking their childcare provider for updates on how their child is doing at school.

3. Age-Appropriate Learning

When your child attends preschool, you can expect that they will be in an age-appropriate learning environment. Early childhood education is so important for the development of your child. There should be a variety of toys and fun learning activities that are teaching them basic skills. These toys and learning tools should be age-appropriate so that your child feels engaged and included in activities.

4. Proper Supervision

Feeling confident that your child is being properly supervised at preschool is important for parents to feel comfortable. You should always expect that your child is going to be properly supervised at all times. Proper supervision also means that your childcare provider gets to learn about your child and become aware of their favorite interests and toys, making your child more comfortable around them.

5. Compassion & Care

The staff at your child’s preschool center should be compassionate and caring. Showing your child compassion and care should come naturally to them and make your child feel safe. You can expect that your child is encouraged to be themselves and to do their best. Children that are met with compassion and care are more open to learning in a new environment.

Parkland Children’s Academy: A Preschool Center Near You

At Parkland Children’s Academy our preschool center offers a balance of learning and playtime for your children to help them develop. If you’re looking for a preschool center near you that values everything listed above and more, then we can’t wait to talk with you about our preschool curriculum. Give us a call today at 954-688-5877 to book a tour of our facility.

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