What It Takes To Raise Great Children

Raise Great Children

Being a parent can be difficult on its own, and the added responsibility of knowing that you have a life in your hands whose future you can help steer in the best direction, can be quite scary. Raising great children is not a secret recipe – with these guidelines and the right preschool, you are well on your way to raising great children.

Raising Great Children is a Partnership ​​​​​

You are the parent, and one of the best teachers your child will have will be you. It takes a village to raise a child however, so ensure that your child is placed in a great preschool as well. Everyday nudges in the right moral and ethical direction, appreciation, gratitude and love are the main ingredients; pair this with a great preschool and your child will be ready to become the best that he or she can be:

  • Helping others is one of the best feelings that you can feel, so give your child the gift of being able to give their assistance where needed. Ask them to help you with something each day, no matter how small it is, and ensure they see your gratitude. This is also where a good preschool that fosters positive interrelations comes in – teachers are the parents when you are not there, so make sure your child’s educators share your sentiments

  • We all have negative emotions, like jealousy, envy, anger, and it is how we cope with them that matters. Making mistakes are okay too as long as we learn from them, and teaching your children to manage bad moods and emotions are crucial for a well-balanced child. This is why preschools that have mechanisms in place, such as talks or stories about how to cope with bad emotions, are a better option for your child

  • Family and our inner circles are important for teaching connectivity and love, but mingling with the greater community and having inter-cultural experiences teaches tolerance and open-mindedness. Help your little one expand their horizons by introducing them to the big world out there – you can read inter-continental books about characters from other countries, or watch movies set in different continents. A diverse preschool that appreciates and celebrates different ethnicities will be very beneficial to your child.

  • You can be your children’s greatest asset – by spending time with them, you are telling them that they are important, loved, interesting to be around and great to listen to, which builds self-esteem and ensure your children grow up to be well-balanced individuals. You in turn can also show them love, compassion, what it means to care, and taking responsibility for one’s own actions – rather than just telling them, you can show them these attributes when spending time with them

  • Voicing love and appreciation does not come easy to some people, some of us did not grow up in households that voiced these feelings – but now that you are a parent, you have a wonderful opportunity to ensure your child can hear you say that they are the most important person on earth to them. This can be continued when your child is away from home at their preschool, which is why a very good preschool for your child is so often stressed – what you do at home should mimic more or less what they learn at their preschool.

Raising great children does not mean that you have to be perfect – it just requires you to be present and involved in your child’s development. Granted we all have deadlines and other stresses, which is why choosing the right preschool for your child will play a major role in how your children will grow up – its ok to need help, and having a great preschool that can have your back and re-enforce these points discussed above, such as Parkland Children’s Academy, can only help you as well as your children.

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