Spook-Tacular Preschool Games!

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With the fall season right around the corner, you may naturally be thinking ahead to Halloween and other seasonal festivities. The staff at Parkland Children’s Academy is too. We can’t wait to engage your child with fun, and even educational preschool games oriented around this fun holiday.

Here are just a few of the types of games that young children will enjoy:

Donut-Eating Race

What’s a little friendly donut-eating against the clock to get in the Halloween spirit? This game is a classic favorite that can be adapted for just about any holiday or occasion. Simply hang some donuts with string from a pole that can be held a few feet above the ground. Have the kids (and adults, too!) kneel on the floor with their arms behind their backs, and get ready to laugh hysterically as they try to finish the donut before the rest of their classmates.


This budget-friendly game can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. The materials are quite simple, and likely things you already have handy either in the classroom or at home. Gather enough empty soda cans or bottles to serve as “pins.” You can decorate them by covering them in themed paper or stickers to make them look a bit more festive. Use a ball to knock them over as you would in regular bowling (you may want to create some artificial bumpers with pool noodles or something else soft for kids who may need some assistance).

Halloween-Themed Marshmallow Toss

Simple and fun: use Halloween-themed paper cups and large marshmallows, and have the kids toss them in the air and attempt to catch them. Save some extra marshmallows that are safe to eat, so kids aren’t eating them off the floor — or offer additional candy prizes for who can catch the most in their cup.

Pin The Tail on The Black Cat

Another classic game that can be easily adapted for any occasion. You can find this game on Amazon or draw your own if you’re feeling crafty. Place a blindfold over the kids’ eyes and award a prize to whoever pins the tail closest.

Halloween-Themed Bingo

The Internet is full of printable Halloween-themed Bingo cards, but they can also be found on Amazon or Etsy. Have kids use candy corn or other Halloween-themed candies for marking the boxes.

Candy Corn Guessing Game

Quick and inexpensive: fill a jar with candy corn, and have kids guess the number inside (make sure you’ve counted them beforehand!). The winner gets to keep the jar!

Halloween Cookie Decoration

Whether you bake the cookies yourself or get them from the store, this one is sure to be a hit (may want to make sure you have some gluten-free options, too). With different colored frosting, sprinkles, and other decorations, both kids and adults will have a blast making their own treats. Cover a table and the floor with a disposable table cloth for easy cleanup.

Other Budget-Friendly Party Ideas

For those who opted for distance learning this year, you can still throw a low-key, budget-friendly Halloween celebration with preschool games at home. Any of the games described above can work with other family members if you aren’t in a classroom with other kids. You can also dress up in costumes, carve pumpkins, decorate your home, or watch a Halloween movie. There are many creative options for your child to still be included in the fun.

Preschool Games and More at Parkland Children’s Academy

At Parkland Children’s Academy, preschool games are more than just fun, but educational. From developing social skills to helping children learn their numbers, our experienced teachers offer a wide range of activities for young minds. To learn more about our programs, from preschool to after-school care, call us today at 954-688-5877.

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