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When raising a child, or several children, parents need to constantly update their methods and approaches to best suit the situation and child!  Learning more about parenting from different resources can often give you a different perspective on childcare and how to raise children. When you’re educated, you can make informed decisions and respond calmly to almost any scenario.  If you’re a curious parent who can’t learn enough about childcare, these are some must-read blogs with different approaches:

Messy Motherhood

Messy Motherhood is a blog that offers down-to-earth, accessible advice about peaceful parenting, embracing imperfections, and not yelling.

Temper control comes easy for some parents but is a real battle for others. If you’re one of the latter, Messy Motherhood shows you that 1) there’s no need to be ashamed of responding the way you do, and 2) you can change. Their No Yelling plan equips parents with the tools to remain calm, cool, and collected in every interaction with their kids.

Mama Smiles

Mama Smiles is all about finding joy in the everyday moments of parenting. This blog is jam-packed with educational activities, arts and crafts, parenting tips, and travel inspiration.

Our favorite posts include:

Practical, warm, and informative, every post from Mama Smiles makes you smile as your read it.

Moments A Day

This is a blog for those looking to become their best selves as a parent. From tricks for turning a bad day around to printable calm-down-kits for parents, you’ll find resources and inspiration for every family member’s personal growth. You’ll learn how to teach your kid about virtues and listen to you through positive discipline.

Moments A Day emphasizes the importance of taking everything one day at a time.

Extremely Good Parenting

Good parenting looks different from day to day. Some days, being a good parent means keeping your child home from school to give them a break. Other days, being a good parent means encouraging your child before sending them to school anyway. Extremely Good Parenting says a lot about finding that balance and learning to trust your intuition as a parent.

With tips for parents of toddlers or teenagers, Extremely Good Parenting arms you with the resources needed to raise helpful, responsible, and kind children.

Let’s Lasso The Moon

“You know you’re in the right spot if — You believe in game nights. You believe in PJ movie parties. You believe in breakfast for dinner. And most importantly, you believe happiness is family.”

Let’s Lasso The Moon http://letslassothemoon.com/ is a blog about slow, purposeful family living. It talks about the importance of being present, guides you to simplify parenting, and showers you with tricks for capturing special moments with family photography. A breath of fresh air in the blogging world, Let’s Lasso The Moon inspires creativity and intentionality in parenting.

Toddler Approved

Filled to the brim with fun, toddler-approved activities, this blog is perfect for busy parents. Toddler Approved is all about playing, learning, creating, and celebrating your kid.

You can find activities for holidays, things to do when you’re stuck indoors, and educational activities to get your toddler’s little mind churning.

Our favorite post is Toddler Activities for Sick Parents, which is a life-saver on any low-energy day!

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