Important Questions To Ask Your Infant Daycare Center

Infant Daycare Center

The decision to send your infant to daycare is often a very difficult one to make, and as a parent, you need to ask a lot of questions before making that decision. The general questions that need to be answered will narrow your search, and then your very specific, non-negotiable requirements, will lead you to the perfect daycare for your infant.

General Questions Most Parents Ask A Daycare

All families are unique and the reason for sending infants to daycare vary, so there are some general questions you need to ask that will narrow the prospects and help you make the final decision.

  • Where must the daycare be situated? Are you looking for one that is close to you home, or must it be close to where you or your spouse work?
  • What are the operating hours? Will you be able to drop off and collect your child within those hours? Shift workers may also need to know if the daycare is open on weekends.
  • Is there a very long waiting list? Have you got the time to wait for an opening?
  • What is your budget and do the fees fall within your budget? Are there any additional costs not included in the fees? Do they have a fee payment plan?
  • Are you expected to supply items like diapers, wipes, and bedsheets? Are meals provided?

Important Questions To Ask Your Daycare

Once the above questions have been answered and you have a short-list, you need to ask the following before making your final decision.

  • What is the adult to child ratio? The of ratio one to three is ideal, the smaller the better.
  • Are the staff all licensed, accredited, and trained to deal with infants? Have they had a background check and been cleared to work with children?
  • What is their policy if a child is sick?
  • Does their schedule match the one you have at home?
  • How are developmental milestones monitored and encouraged? Does the daily routine provide the children with the appropriate stimulation and learning opportunities like story time, music time, and sensory playtime?
  • What are their policies on the following?
    • Discipline
    • Potty Training
    • Administration of medication
    • Screen time / TV
    • Sleep time
    • Diet and feeding times
    • Late pick up?
    • Do they follow a curriculum? If so, which one?

Safety Issues All Daycares Must Adhere To

Safety is a non-negotiable requirement and one that you cannot compromise on. Before committing to any daycare, make an appointment to tour the facility, observe the environment, and ask the following questions:

  • How do they communicate with the parents? Will you have access to and be able to engage with the caregivers whenever you need to? What is their drop-in policy?
  • Are the infants kept away from the older children who may hurt them?
  • Are the staff trained and certified in age-appropriate first aid?
  • Are the grounds properly enclosed? Are strangers prohibited from entering the premises without an appointment?
  • Are the rooms safe, clean, toxin-free, and fitted with smoke detectors and plug outlet covers?
  • Is the food preparation area, eating, and sleeping area spotless?
  • Is the diaper area clean and are the diapers disposed of appropriately?
  • How are hazardous substances and medication stored?
  • Are the toys provided age-appropriate, in good condition, and sanitized daily?
  • Are the outside equipment and play area maintained and in good condition? Is everything toxin-free?
  • Is the appropriate adult to child ratio adhered to at all times?

There are other questions that you as an individual may need to ask, but if the above questions are answered to your satisfaction, and you trust your instincts, you will have found the infant daycare that you will be comfortable sending your child to.

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