Fun Extracurricular Activities To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

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Celebrating any holiday is a great way to get young kids excited about learning. They will be having so much fun with extracurricular activities they won’t even realize that they have educational value!

Saint Patrick’s Day offers a variety of unique ideas to engage kids in activities that use math, music, literacy, and science, all while teaching them about the roots of this holiday. Here are just a few ideas to get started:

Literacy Activities

Reading is an important activity at any age. Whether kids are learning how to read themselves or listening to someone else reading to them, they are refining their motor skills, language, and development of vocabulary. Check out the local library for preschool-level books about leprechauns or Saint Patrick himself to engage them in the history and traditions of this day.

For kids who are learning their letters, it can be fun to teach them why the proper spelling of the shorthand “Saint Paddy’s” uses the letter “d,” as opposed to the more common (but historically incorrect) spelling of “Patty’s.” This is a mistake that many adults make, allowing kids to have a fun fact to bring home to share with their families.

Kids can also trace the letters in “Saint Paddy’s Day,” or color in leprechauns and shamrocks by downloading some fun, themed printables.

Musical Activities

There are many classic Irish tunes available on YouTube to share with your preschooler. Bonus if the kids get up and want to dance! Irish dancing is not only fun but also a great way to burn off energy in anticipation of nap time.

Science, Math, And Sensory Activities

Has your classroom been visited by leprechauns? How can you tell? Teach preschoolers about the scientific method by forming a hypothesis and setting out to prove or disprove it using the evidence at hand. Teach counting skills by using gold coins or shamrocks that you can cut out of construction paper.

For more hands-on learning, consider a Saint Patrick’s-themed sensory bin. Fill a large plastic bin with water, bubbles, foam dough, food coloring, colored rocks (you can get these from the dollar store), gold coins, and other themed objects for kids to touch and play with. If you write letters on the rocks, you can teach literacy using the sensory bin as well.

Arts And Crafts Activities

Engage those early motor skills with fun arts and crafts projects. These can be hung in the classroom for the month of March or taken home with the students. One fun and easy extracurricular activity is to cut out shamrocks on green construction paper and have kids decorate them with sequins, glitter glue, or hand-drawn leprechauns with crayons and colored pencils.

For snack time, consider having kids decorate their own cookies with green frosting or sprinkles. Just make sure to check for any food allergies first.

Educational Extracurricular Activities For Preschoolers

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