Supporting Student Success Through After School Activities

after school activities

After-school care is a necessity for families with demanding schedules. But is your child stimulated and engaged in their after-school care program? Or are they left to their own devices? After-school activities and programs develop our children’s academics while still providing that fun factor.

Here are some of the leading after-school activities that support student success:

Homework Help

A holistic after-school program will include hands-on help with homework. Many students find it hard to complete their homework without any support. Children will benefit from educators that possess a passion for the homework content at hand.

Outdoor Playtime

Active outdoor playtime is a non-negotiable for child development. It serves as a great reward for completing an assisted homework session. Children need to be able to exert energy and develop social skills by playing with their friends.

Leading preschools offer an interactive outdoor play area. It needs to be a space that entices them to have fun and incorporates exploratory play. All furniture needs to be designed with the child in mind. Parkland Children’s Academy provides a toxin-free playground complete with Jonti-Craft furniture.

Stimulating Activities

Leading after-school facilities offer the best activities for your child. Here are some select activities to look out for when choosing an after-care:

  • Book and science fairs
  • Mother’s day tea
  • Father’s Day Drop off “Donuts and Coffee”
  • On and off-site field trips
  • Enrichment classes
  • Soccer Shots
  • Dance

Don’t settle for less than the best on offer for your child.

A Safe Environment To Engage In

As parents, we constantly worry about our children’s safety. A reputable preschool and after-school care facility will instill a sense of confidence and safety. Reputable after-care is one where bus drivers are vetted and drive with the utmost caution. Facilities should also be secure, preventing any intruders from gaining access. They should also have play areas that are well-thought-out and safe to play on.

Leading after-school care facilities such as Parkland Children’s Academy put safety first. Our facilities incorporate security code and fingerprint access for all drop-offs and pick-ups.

Healthy Lunches To Fuel Activities

Getting the kids to school in the morning can be challenging, let alone having to think about packing a lunch for after-care. A respected children’s academy will offer healthy and nutritious snacks for your child. This keeps their minds and bodies functioning optimally. One thing less for you to worry about!

One-On-One Communication

As parents, it’s important for us to be always kept in the loop. A trusted facility will keep in communication with parents. This way, you’ll know how your child is progressing. You should never feel as if the school is hiding something from you. Be sure to check if your after-care has live webcam viewing available for parents. This will provide you with peace of mind as you’re able to check on your child at any time.

Individualized Attention

Individual care and attention are a tremendous benefit to your child. Don’t choose an after-care where they’re just a number. Look for one with a family atmosphere where staff are interacting individually with children. Whether it’s homework help or playground fun, the staff team should be attentive to the needs of all children.

After-School Activities In South Florida

Parkland Children’s Academy prioritizes the holistic development of your child. All after-school activities are aimed at the physical, social, and emotional well-being of your child.

Parkland Children’s Academy has also been selected for the 2022 Best of Parkland Award. This is a result of our excellent customer and community service.

Our after-school care program will keep your child engaged. Call us at 954-688-5877 to meet the Parkland Children’s Academy family.

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