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The technological advancement in the 21st century have resulted in screens being a permanent part of our daily lives. Our cellphones, tablets, TVs and even watches have become sources of information and entertainment. It is a phenomenon that affects people of all ages – even young children make use of these devices. When your child’s preschool closes over summer break parents can become tempted to increase their child’s screen time, but there are other ways to keep them learning and entertained. Here we take a look at why you should reduce your child’s screen time and how a summer camps can help:

Why Reduce Screen Time?

Although technology has improved the quality of our lives significantly, it has also created many pitfalls and has the potential to do more harm than good. Research has shown that increased screen time in young children can be linked to poor grades, antisocial behavior and childhood obesity. Too much screen time can affect your child’s:

  • Cognitive Skills

    Despite the increase in educational content available for young children online, studies have shown that excessive screen time does not result in increased cognitive skills. Instead, it can cause more developmental problems as increased screen time has been linked to delays in young children’s language and cognitive skills. It has also been used as predictor of poor self-control and decision-making functions in young children.

  • Physical Well-Being

    When children use electronic devices, they usually sit in one position for an extended period of time and focus on developing a single skill. In this way, their physical well-being is remaining stationed which makes them a threat to childhood obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. This is particularly dangerous as the habits and skills young children learn form the foundation of their adult lives.

Why Send Your Child To Summer Camp?

It can be difficult for parents to get your child away from their screens and be more active, but summer camp can help. Summer camps are more than just supervised places of fun for kids – they can provide kids with essential developmental skills too. They are also a great way to reduce your child’s screen time and introduce them to a new sport or activity that may have a lasting impact on their lives. Summer camps offer young children an opportunity to:

  • Connect

    At summer camp, children interact with each other in a different way to school. The activities they participate in at camp focus on developing team work and learning about personal dynamics – children are taken out of their routines and comfort zones. This creates an entirely new learning environment that cannot simulated on screen. Connecting with their peers in this way creates bonds and friendships that often last well into adulthood.

  • Develop Skills

    Young children learn best through play as they are engaging their senses in a fun, educational way that helps them learn and retain information more meaningfully. When children play outside, they can learn about the world they live in while developing their sensorimotor skills, co-ordination and balance. All of these contribute to their physical well-being as they learn about themselves, what their bodies are capable of and how to interact with the world and their peers – resulting in the development of their social-emotional skills too.

At Parkland Children’s Academy we use technology to enhance preschool learning, but do this in a balanced way. Our summer camp programs are designed to encourage children to be independent and connect, all while learning crucial developmental skills. Our programs cater for children of different ages in a manner that meets their individual needs. Contact us today to find out more about how to enroll your child for summer camp today.

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