The Benefits Of An After-School Program For Your Child

after-school programs

After-school programs offer a wide range of both recreational and educational activities to supplement formative schooling years of a child. Both recreational and educational activities play an important role in the shaping of personalities and likelihood of success in future endeavors. Here are some of the advantages your child will gain should you choose to enroll them in an after-school program.

Provides Safe Environment

Because of the increased costs of living and schooling, parents are often having to work longer hours or extra jobs to be able to afford the best education for their kids. After-school programs offer a safe, supervised environment for children to come to after normal schooling hours where they will be stimulated and encouraged.

Improved Academic Performance

Most after-school programs offer homework help as well as structured educational features to better academic performance both directly and indirectly. Some facilities have educators that specialize in teaching children with special needs or learning difficulties. This provides the children as well tutors with the extra time and well-resourced help they need to be able to reach their full potential. Additionally, some after-school programs incorporate fun learning opportunities that can work to boost performance as well as provide entertainment and joy to the child.

Improves Emotional Quotient

After-school programs are well known for their positive reinforcement of socialization. They provide the opportunity to interact with children outside of their typical schooling environment, children who may have similar interests as well as children who may be from different cultural backgrounds. Through this, depth and range of social skills can be achieved; some after-school programs specifically focus on cultivating food character traits amongst the children.

Studies have shown that increased social interaction: boost self-confidence; improves communication skills including use of correct tone and register; decreases behavioral issues like aggression or isolation; improves the ability to recognize emotion, show empathy, and adequately express themselves; as well as increase chances of building and maintaining good long-term relationships.

Improved Health Outcomes

Studies have shown a positive correlation between participation in after-school programs and positive body image and health outcomes. The encouraged group play and increased opportunity for sporting activities help to facilitate a positive relationship between your child and physical activity. This outlook will translate strongly later in life and are more likely to cultivate healthy habits in the long term. After-school programs may also offer meal plans and in this way, help to create healthy dietary habits which will positively influence, mood, energy levels, concentration and overall health in your child.

Widens Scope of Interest

Schooling is largely standardized with governmentally approved curriculums and extracurricular activities. An increased scope of interest is also valued as research has shown that children and teenagers who participate in diverse and engaging activities are less likely to experience abuse, depression, or burnout. After-school programs afford your child the opportunity to be exposed to interests, hobbies and other activities they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. It gives them the time and the resources to sufficiently explore all their options, to help encourage a curious mind, to help cultivate a thirst for knowledge, and to build the foundations of skills that could influence their future career options. Art, music, acting, dance, computer skills, science experiments, engineering interests – whatever the field, this could introduce your child to their passion in life.

Promotes Life Skills

After-school programs also have the benefit of teaching practical skills that children can use later in life including dealing with conflict or stress, effective study skills, or developing leadership skills. This also helps them learn good work ethic and workplace habits that carry into their college and professional lives.

After-school programs are a great way to facilitate improvements in every sphere of your child’s life. Here at Parklands Children’s Academy, we pride ourselves in holistic family-oriented care that encourages education, safety, health, physical and social development in a fun and friendly environment. If you are interested in enrolling your child in an aftercare program, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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