Afterschool Activities That Promote Self Esteem

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Did you know that afterschool activities can help foster good self-esteem? Confidence and self-esteem play a vital role in a child’s early life, allowing them to try new things and make new friends. We know how important afterschool activities are, and we’re here to share the benefits with you.

Linking Self Esteem, Growth, and After School Activities

Self-esteem and confidence are what makes us feel like we can try new things and learn from our experiences. Low self-esteem severely affects the learning process— we’re not so excited to branch out if we already think we’re going to fail. Building confidence in one activity, and being able to learn from failures, lets us carry that confidence over to other experiences.

This is even more impactful if your child is struggling in school. Early learning isn’t easy! By allowing your child to foster growth in another interest, like arts or sports, they can become more confident on a day-to-day basis. By seeing tasks through in an afterschool program, children learn that they are capable of wonderful things if they put their mind to it.

New, or Tried & True?

There are benefits to trying a new after school activity, but there’s also benefits to continuing with one your child has already done before. So, which is the best for you? At the end of the day, this is a very personal decision that depends on your child’s confidence, likes, and dislikes.

Trying Something New

Afterschool activities provide a space for new talents to be learnt in a low-pressure environment. Sports at school could be stressful for your child, especially if there’s a lot of competition. However, an afterschool sports club can help your child learn to love the hobby at their own pace.

We can also say the same about music lessons. Group music classes in school are great for determining whether your child enjoys music, but the large group setting may make it difficult to seriously pursue an instrument as a talent.

Fostering Likes and Talents

Promoting growth in a hobby or talent can be monumental for a child’s self-esteem. Success and progress in their afterschool hobby can relate to more confidence elsewhere in their life. Whether it’s by succeeding in a solo talent, or improving social skills and teamwork in a group environment, there’s no way to lose. Team sports, like baseball and cheerleading, help children make connections with others and learn essential social and group skills.

Choosing the Right Activity

One thing is essential: fun! Your child shouldn’t dread their extracurriculars. While it’s normal to be nervous about starting something new or joining a class full of new students, it’s important to remember that growth starts in the comfort zone. Good after school activities will allow for time to get used to the new hobby, and to interact with others.

You also need to choose an activity that fits your child’s situation. If they’re struggling at school, throwing them into a hobby that they don’t enjoy may make their self-esteem worse. Children build confidence and self-esteem through completing tasks, so focus on something your child enjoys and is good at. This way, that confidence boost will carry over from the after-school club to the regular school day.

After School Activities at Parkland Children’s Academy

After school care at Parkland includes a wide range of activities to keep your kids engaged and socializing. We’d love to speak to you about what we can offer for your child, and how we foster development in hobbies and academic skills through our curriculum.

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