5 Fun Early Learning Activities For 3-4 Year Old’s

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Early learning activities that are fun and engaging to preschoolers are a foundational building block to childcare and early educational development.  Take a look below at why early learning activities in and outside of preschool are important for your child’s foundational development. Then see some of our favorite activities to engage, stimulate, and enjoy learning with your 3-4-year-old kids.

Why Learning Activities For 3-4-Year-Olds?

They say that children learn the most by just playing and having fun. This is true, but there is also a level of structure and intentionality we can show as guardians, parents, and teachers when it comes to healthy brain development in the early years of child development.

Providing a stimulating learning environment that is also fun can benefit a child’s relationship with learning for the rest of their lives.

5 Of Our Favorite Fun, Early Learning Activities

There are many early learning activities that are wonderful for your child’s development. Below are our top 5 for you to enjoy with your toddler.

1) Read Books Together

Reading books together stimulates your child’s brain while also telling a story. The story gives them something to process and think about while learning and engaging with you makes them feel loved. It’s important for children to get the nurturing attention they need daily. This also helps them develop a sense of comprehension and language.

2) Sing And Listen To Learning Songs

Singing is fun for all ages, especially when you are between 3-4 years old. Nursery rhymes have valuable life lessons embedded into some of the words, which will aid in re-enforcing positive morals in young children. You could also try alphabet and counting songs which will help your children as they learn the basics. Singing also helps with hearing when children are young.

3) Play Dress Up

Imaginative play is a great way to ease the process of learning, listening, comprehending, and sharing ideas with your toddler. Learning to communicate while doing something fun and sharing ideas is a great way for children to learn to share, communicate and be creative in their thinking.

4) Cut And Paste Crafts

Babies learn their fine motor skills when they start to clench their fists and pick things up. Cut and paste is just a continuation of this same development. Toddlers learn coordination, fine motor skills, and how to focus on something to achieve a goal. This is also a creative, fun way to bond with your kids and create a keepsake.

5) Cook Together

Cooking in the kitchen with your little one is a great fun and learning experience. Following the instructions of a recipe, doing math sums while bonding with a guardian or parent can be a highlight of the day in the life of a toddler.

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